Sellafield Nuclear Plant Requirements Provision


Sellafield Replacement Analytical Project (RAP) is one of several major projects which are considered essential for the environmental clean-up of Sellafield, the most complex nuclear site in the UK.


SEMP was engaged by the client to:

  • Produce the Requirements Management Plan/Strategy.
  • Support System Leads in generating System Requirement Specifications.
  • Risk score each system to ensure focus on critical systems.
  • Review System Requirement Specifications to identify gaps and conflicts with documentation and provide recommendations and updates.
  • Produce Verification Plans.

What we did

  • Organised, facilitated, and leading workshops with relevant stakeholders.
  • Collated requirements from documentation and stakeholder interviews.
  • Wrote requirements at varying levels of abstraction, providing traceability to parent requirements and the originating source of the requirements.
  • Managed requirements and links within IBM DOORS.
  • Managed glossary and document references within IBM DOORS.
  • Collected and addressed stakeholder comments.
  • Identified appropriate verification methodologies for requirements.
  • Collated verification evidence.
  • Engaged with Sellafield Programme and Project Partners (PPP) directly and supported the cross-organisation requirements review.
  • Identified, captured, and reviewed interfaces between systems and sub-systems.


  • Conducted peer review of team’s outputs.
  • Provided review of Requirement Specifications at varying levels of abstraction.
  • Took ownership of 2 of 4 System Workstreams.
  • Produced Sub-system Requirements Specification within those Workstreams.