If you need to lodge a complaint or appeal concerning the quality of our service to you, then please contact your local SEMP Office. A member of our team will help you with your complaint or appeal.

Throughout the process, this member of our team will be called ‘the recipient of the complaint’.

The recipient of the complaint will pass the information to our Practice Manager. The Practice Manager will log the issue for tracking and management.

The Practice Manager will implement an investigation as to whether your complaint or appeal relates to activities for which SEMP is responsible.

If it does, the Practice Manager will assign to the most appropriate resource to deal with it.

The investigation into the complaint or appeal, and the ultimate decision about how to address it, will be performed either by the recipient of the complaint or by the Practice Manager.

This shall not result in any discriminatory actions. The decision will be reviewed and approved by a Director of SEMP, who will be independent of the activity that the complaint or appeal relates to.

If the complaint or appeal is judged to be relevant, then the Practice Manager will update the details of the complaint or appeal.

The Complaints and Appeals Process is described in our document 04/SEMP/PRO/010  and details of this process can be provided to third parties on request.

The recipient of the complaint must provide you with confirmation of receipt, offer subsequent progress reports, and then let you know the outcome of the investigation.

The recipient of the complaint will give you formal notice that the complaint and appeals handling process has finished.

Your feedback on the complaints and appeal process is welcomed. Please send your feedback to your local SEMP office.