Assuring Project Delivery 

Cloud based Collaboration software designed for infrastructure projects 

The Challenge

Project managers are faced with the challenge of managing increasingly complex and ever-changing project requirements along with their associated standards and legislation. Up to 80% of engineering requirements can change through design and build stages. Managing project assurance with manual processes and spreadsheets is no longer adequate for the assurance audit process and can negatively impact operational efficiency.  

Common Causes of Project Failure 

  • Unclear links between the project and the organization’s key strategic priorities, including agreed measures of success.   
  • Ineffective engagement with stakeholders.  
  • Untimely communication with the senior leaders across the supply chain. 
  • Ineffective project team integration between clients, the supplier team and the supply chain.  
  • No visibility of the impact of change

The SEMPx Solution

The SEMPx platform is a cloud-based solution that brings together a project’s commercial, engineering, design, project delivery, and supply chain teams on one unified platform to ensure that project contractual requirements and specifications are managed and complied with throughout the project delivery lifecycle.

SEMPx provides a single, unified real-time view of the project specifications across the entire project lifecycle, allowing users to conduct an accurate change impact analysis in minutes rather than days.

And because it’s cloud-based, real-time project view can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

The SEMPx Advantage

SEMPx is built from the ground up for infrastructure projects by a team that delivered them. 

Enable collaboration across project and supplier teams

Provides compliance metrics & analysis

Easy, efficient and progressive ‘Project Assurance’

Identifies issues early and mitigates risk. Provides fast and accurate impact and cost assessment of potential changes.

Traceability from initial stakeholder requirements to supplier delivery compliance

Intuitive User Interface

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