Developing Partnerships to Bring Visionary Projects to Life

SEMP’s innovative systems approach to capital delivery is unlocking the full potential of infrastructure, acting as a catalyst to translate visionary concepts into tangible reality. This methodology fosters innovation, turning visionary ideas into the backbone of future urban infrastructure. 

Future urban infrastructure. 

Saudi Arabia and Dubai, known for their firm commitment to innovation and technological development, have consistently pioneered futuristic urban designs and sustainable transport solutions. This commitment demands resilience and a mindset challenging the status quo, aiming to achieve what some deem unachievable. 

NEOM: A Testament to Visionary Thinking 

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project stands as a testament to visionary thinking, disrupting norms in sustainable urban planning and transformative technologies. NEOM envisions a future where infrastructure seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment. 

Urban.MASS Floc: Reshaping Urban Mobility in Dubai 

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is set to pioneer implementation of the first operational pilot of the innovative Floc® Duo Rail™ system in Dubai, signifying a significant stride in urban mobility, underscored by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. Floc® Duo Rail™ comprises a driverless, electrically powered pods on an elevated track, which boasts significant environmental benefits. 

The RTA’s forward-thinking approach is prominently showcased through their signed agreement with Urban.MASS, a UK-based mobility business specialising in zero-emission mass transit solutions. Further solidifying their vision, Urban.MASS has engaged SEMP to define the system and service design for Floc® Duo Rail™. This collaborative effort aims to support Dubai Vision 2033, and reshape the future of urban mobility in Dubai, emphasising sustainability and innovation. 

Urban.Mass and SEMP Floc® Duo Rail™ system

It’s clear that the infrastructure of tomorrow extends beyond civil structures; it involves the complex interconnected systems of technology, the built and natural environment, and, of course, people. With Saudi Arabia and Dubai at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation, the collective threads of visionary thinking and transformative change resonate with the ethos of SEMP. Many of the issues related to the delivery of complex projects can be reduced by following a systems approach. Through a shared commitment to achieving better, we can redefine the infrastructure development landscape and bring visionary projects to life.