SEMP Supports Imperial College’s Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation in Authoring Working Paper

SEMP is a proud member organisation of Imperial College London’s Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation (CSEI). Through our membership, we support and contribute to the Centre’s mission: to use systems engineering principles to address cross-sector infrastructure challenges, maximizing resilience, safety, and sustainability in our increasingly complex world. This mission aligns seamlessly with SEMP’s objective to apply a systems approach to enhance the performance of capital projects in partnership with government bodies, infrastructure owners, and delivery organizations. 

Recently, SEMP collaborated with CSEI in authoring a working paper entitled “Systems Approaches to Infrastructure – A Shared Perspective”. Our team members dedicated their expertise to this insightful industry contribution, helping to shape the discourse around the challenges and opportunities of systems approaches in infrastructure project delivery. 

At CSEI’s annual showcase event on 20th September, at which the working paper was launched, a diverse SEMP team comprised of graduates to directors played active roles in presentations and panel discussions. 

This collaboration stands as a testament to the persistent dedication of both SEMP and CSEI to pioneering conversations and innovations in our field, marrying up academia with industry to improve infrastructure project outcomes.  

Access the complete working paper here for free.